Episode 93. Alternative Dosing Strategies for N-acetylcysteine in Acetaminophen Overdose


EMPoweRx Conference

The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine is pleased to host EMPoweRx at SAEM23. The Emergency Medicine Pharmacotherapy with Resuscitation (EMPoweRx) Conference is an annual international, multidisciplinary conference dedicated to celebrating advancements in research and practice of emergency medicine pharmacotherapy.

While still new, emergency medicine pharmacists and pharmacotherapy has not had its own platform to present the latest evidence and issues facing emergency medicine pharmacy, until now. 

The EmpoweRx Conference, to be held in concurrently with the SAEM Annual Meeting, is designed by practicing emergency medicine pharmacists. The program will include a multidisciplinary and multispecialty speaker lineup to present on the latest in resuscitation, emergency medicine pharmacotherapy, and administrative issues that are unique to the emergency department.



Jimmy L. Pruitt III, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP

The Pharm So Hard Podcast is a show focused primarily on emergency medicine and hospital pharmacy related topics. To empower healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide evidence-based, safe care for critically ill patients.

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