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What is the Pharm So Hard Podcast?

The Pharm So Hard Podcast is a show focused primarily on emergency medicine and hospital pharmacy related topics. Episodes range from 5-30 minutes depending on the topic and guest speakers. The goal is to disseminate information in bite-sized episodes from experts in the field of acute care and hospital pharmacy subspecialties.

Target Audience

The Pharm So Hard Podcast hopes to attract a variety of healthcare professionals including pharmacists, nurses, physicians, mid-level providers, respiratory therapist, patient care assistances, EMT and paramedics, and all other professionals assisting in the care of patients.


This site is not meant to replace the judgement of healthcare professionals, and the information presented on this site does not represent the views or practices of the institution or professional organizations of the author. This information is not meant to be all inclusive nor medical advice, and individuals should seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional for personal medical advice.

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