Episode 40: Leveling Up As a Clinical Staff Pharmacist by oscar Santalo and Jimmy Pruitt



  1. For continued growth and development, hospital pharmacist would benefit from leadership training
  2. Pharmacy schools provide some administrative training
  3. Hospital pharmacist may one day want to become a clinical or operations manager
  4. With an increase in residency programs, a leadership path may be more difficult for those who did not complete a residency  
  5. Just being good at one job may not translate to the other
    1. Specialist positions vs leadership positions is a different skillset
  6. Little training in project management

Major End Points

  • Additional training
    • Shadowing
    • Master’s degree
    • Lean thinking, leadership certificates
    • Materials –> Podcasts & articles
    • Conferences
  • Opportunities in people management
    • Students
    • Interns
    • Residents
    • Taking the schedule
  • Creating service lines/programs
  • Involvement in committees
    • P&T, Controlled Substances, Med Safety, Specialty
  • Implementing projects
  • Networking


  1. Everyone’s path is different and not every hospital can hire an Admin Resident
  2. Seek opportunities in people management, leadership training, and project management


Jimmy L. Pruitt III, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP

The Pharm So Hard Podcast is a show focused primarily on emergency medicine and hospital pharmacy related topics. To empower healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide evidence-based, safe care for critically ill patients.

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