1. Formulary medication – A determination that the medication is “appropriate for routine use” in select patient populations
    1. Per 2008 ASHP Guidelines on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and the Formulary System
  2. Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P & T) Committee – establishes policy development, communication, education, and formulary management


  1. How most hospital/health systems define formulary is: product readily available or stocked in the pharmacy
  2. The environment surrounding hospital pharmacies has changed dramatically. The cost of pharmaceuticals, the types of newly approved medications for specific disease states, and the stipulations related to the reimbursement or procurement of medications have all been significantly altered.
  3. Medication Use Evaluations or Drug Utilizations Reviews are a formal process that aid in the evaluation of medication formulary decisions
  4. When evaluating a drug for formulary addition, the following factors need to be taken into account:
    1. Procurement and regulatory restrictions, economic considerations, safety & regulatory risks

Major End Points

  1. Factors influencing formulary management decisions
    1. Cost, reimbursement, availability, specialization of medications (niche)
  2. Can have different sub-committees roll into or feed up to P&T
    1. Subcommittees include medication safety, quality, antimicrobial stewardship, adverse drug reaction, biotechnology subcommittee
  3. Instead of having formulary and non-formulary designations, we can expand this to include:
    1. Formulary, stocked
    1. Formulary, not stocked (or not consistently stocked)
    1. Formulary, restricted
    1. Formulary, requirement for confirmation of benefits of coverage prior to use
    1. Formulary, outpatient (or clinic) use only
    1. Non-formulary, stocked
    1. Non-formulary, not stocked
  4. Post formulary decision implementation strategy plays a significant role in deciding the success or failure of that formulary decision
    1. It is equally important as the building up towards the P&T Process


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